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Please use this page to direct you towards our home learning support and resources by…

  1. Download your weekly learning guide from the table below – all activities are designed to be progressive week upon week but can also be dipped into as and when is appropriate for you and your own setting.
  2. Look at the activities for each subject area and the corresponding activity link for further guidance and resources.
  3. Access our Secure home learning area  (via our secure password) and the ‘Subject area’ you wish to access (e.g. Stories/English/Phonics/Science etc) via the dropdown menu under ‘Home Learning’.
  4. Link to the resources and guides for the activity you have chosen (detailed in the weekly learning overview) 

Weekly Home Learning & Activity Guides

These guides provide cumulative (or indeed stand alone) tasks linked to the curriculum guides detailed further down the page, reflecting the usual focus for school based learning at this time of year.  There are guides for each year group that will be updated on a weekly basis.  Click on the week desired and the year group of your child to access and download.

Please click on your child’s year group for your weekly guide:

  Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2
Week commencing 25th May Nursery Learning & activity guide w/c 25th May Reception Learning & activity guide w/c 18th May Year 1 Learning & activity guide w/c 25th May Year 2 Learning & activity guide w/c 25th May
 Week commencing 18th May  Nursery Leaning & Activity Guide w/c 18th May Reception Learning & Activity Guide w/c 18th May   Year 1 Leaning & Activity Guide w/c 18th May Year 2 Learning & activity guide w/c 18th May
Week commencing 11th May Nursery Learning and activity guide Reception Learning and activity guide Year 1 Learning and Activity guide Year 2 Learning and activity guide

Some websites provide general resources that support activities and learning at home and are referenced in the weekly overviews above.  These can be accessed by clicking the links below…
Online learning site links:

Purple Mash provides weekly activities.  Follow the Featured menu (on the right hand side once logged in)

Please see log in details in children’s reading record Logging in to Bug Club guide 
Bug Club user guide


Other support

Historic learning support documents below. You may still find some of the documents and guides below, useful and informative.  These will remain on the website for the time being.

The Curriculum Overview documents below show learning curriculum coverage for the Summer Term.  The Home Learning Grid offers a range of general activities relating to this curriculum.  The Resources support the activities outlined in the Learning Grid.   Click on the documents to open.

  Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2
Summer Term Curriculum
Nursery Curriculum Reception Curriculum Year 1 Curriculum Year 2 Curriculum
Home Learning
Nursery Home Learning Grid Reception Home Learning Grid Year 1 Home Learning Grid Year 2 Home Learning Grid
Resources     Book Review
Percy the Park Keeper book review
Percy the Park Keeper reading list
Technology all around us
Percy the Park Keeper: After the Storm
1. Prediction
2. Flower & Plant Spotter
3. Measuring
4. Write a Story
5. Co-ordinates
6.  Maths Activity Ideas
7. Comparing Two Stories

If you are experiencing difficulties when trying to access the online resources we suggest you try an activity from the year group Home Learning Grids.

KS1 pupils should have a school exercise book to practise writing and number work.  

For Reception pupils, please use the reading books supplied. The children could also attempt some sentence writing in their exercise books, refer back to the home learning packs (sent in Autumn) and number recognition, counting, and combining two sets of objects as practical addition.

For further focus please refer to the Curriculum Coverage documents.

Other useful websites (click on the icons for the web links):

Phonics resources A huge variety of different learning resources. Great for ‘movement’ breaks and having fun. Parent/Carer support site for children with speech and language difficulties. Maths resources Daily lessons Barefoot Computing
  • Maths: White Rose (ref. other useful websites) NB. These activities may need to be printed
  • Twinkl Home Learning Hub offers a wealth of ideas and activities


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