Nursery New Starters 2021

Welcome Nursery New Starters 2021 !             

A very warm welcome to Great Moor Infant School.  We can’t wait to meet you all.  We are working hard to create lots of videos and documents to help you during your transition into Nursery. Click on the links to open the appropriate videos/documents

A warm welcome video from Yvonne Dobson, the Headteacher ~ to the Parents/Carers & the children.

Have a look through our transition booklet.  This is a child friendly booklet for you to read together.  You can see some of the areas in school and find a bit about the day and what we do: Getting Ready for Nursery.

Enjoy our brief tour of our Nursery:  Nursery Video.

Over the Summer, before you start school, please could you create a picture of yourself using the A4 piece of card that you should have received in the post.  We can’t wait to see your wonderful creations :-).   Many thanks. We will display these on the wall!

Storytime !
Enjoy a story with the Nursery staff (click on the title to listen to the story) ….
Mrs Stebbing Mrs White Mrs Hart
Norman the slug with a silly shell Harry & the Dinosaurs go to School The Smartest Giant in Town!

Induction Information

We would normally run an Induction Meeting and invite parents/carers to attend this.  Please have a look through the presentation slides that would accompany the Induction Meeting: Induction Presentation Slides.

In the Autumn term, we will also upload some information that will be of use to parents/carers.  Until then, you should have received an Induction Pack in the post.  This contains lots of information. 

Here is a copy: Welcome LetterInduction Welcome Pack.

Please click on the links for guidance and support…

Nursery songs Communication skills Simple fun activities (0-5 years) Literacy Trust
Developing speech, language and communication Start4Life Help & guidance around sleeping  

Welcome from Stockport School Nursing Service

Please read the letter from the Nursing Team: Letter to Parents/Carers and further information on ‘toileting tips’: toilet training.