Child Protection and Safeguarding | Moorside Primary AcademySafeguarding – being safe and well
At Great Moor Community Infant School we think that your health, safety and happiness are very important.
We value every child in our school  and we want to make sure you are safe and that nobody is hurting or upsetting you.
We will continually do our best to help  you and your class make good  progress and know that feeling safe and well is important  if  you are to do  your very best.
We  will teach you  how to recognise risks in different
situations, and how you can  stay safe wherever you are.

 How will we do this?
We will try to make our school a safe place for you to learn in.
We want to make sure that you  are safe, at home as well as at school.
We think it is important that you  know where to get help if you are worried or unhappy about something.

Need to talk?
You can talk to any trusted adult in school if you need to, they will ALWAYS be there for you – just tell them!

Safeguarding Policies

  Safeguarding Policy 

  Anti-Bullying Policy

  Behaviour Policy 

  Staff Code of Conduct – Acceptable Use Policy

  Online Safety Policy 

  Whistle Blowing Policy