Values & Vision

Meet our children who will show us our values

As a school we have recently evaluated and re-established our school values. We wanted clear and meaningful values which allow the children of Great Moor Infant School to be the best that they can be.

Our six values have been selected after consultation with pupils, staff, governors and parents. The six values are recognised as being important within the school community and also beyond that, throughout life.

Our six values are principles that guide our thinking and our behaviour. They are important in enabling us to be a strong and happy school community.

Respectful: Accepting others for who they are, having good manners and listening carefully.

Caring: Looking after and thinking about others.

Creative: Having our own ideas and being brave in following through with them.

Independent: Doing things for ourselves and knowing when to ask for help and not being afraid to do so.

Resilient: Being strong, even when things go wrong and not being afraid to make mistakes.

Inclusive: To know that everyone is important, we are all different and should all feel a part of our school community.



The School offers a broad, balanced and rich curriculum, which provides children with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in our changing society.

Teachers are engaged in continuous professional development in order that they are kept abreast of educational initiatives. At Great Moor Infant School we are fortunate in that we belong to a network of local schools that share expertise and knowledge.  Working in this way has provided us with opportunities to facilitate learning for both adults and our children.

At Great Moor Infant School we recognise the responsibility we have under Section 175 of the Education and Inspections Act 2002, to have arrangements for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.  Staff and volunteers working in our school have a crucial role to play in noticing indicators of possible abuse or neglect and referring them to the correct persons or services for support and intervention. Everyone working or volunteering at this school is trained to recognise signs of concern and in line with the Safeguarding Policy must report concerns following school and local authority procedures.  All staff access training annually with regular updates across the academic year.

The Aims that the Governing Body share for Great Moor Community Infant School are:

  • To maintain a welcoming, safe and secure environment.
  • To create a positive atmosphere in all aspects of school life, in which everyone is clear about the expectations of themselves and others.
  • Within a ‘can do’ culture, provide a happy, stimulating and purposeful environment that is highly conducive to learning.
  • To cater for a range of learning styles supported by appropriate teaching methods, thus enhancing the children’s development of skills, knowledge and talents. This enables them to achieve their maximum potential.
  • To encourage individuals to become confident and creative, independent and reflective learners.
  • To ensure equality of opportunity maximising the fullest potential of every child. Nurture an awareness, understanding of, and respect for the beliefs and values of others.
  • To cultivate the existing partnership with parents, carers, and governors ensuring that all within the wider school community know that they are valued.
Great Moor Infant School Southwood Rd, Stockport, SK2 7DG